Friday, February 28

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Friday party! We made it! I've been off all week; on Tuesday I felt like the week was dragging, but by Thursday I thought it was only Wednesday. I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow to spend some time with my girl K (and hopefully do some wedding stuff) before my work trip. D is the lucky one; he heads to flipping Brazil for two weeks. #MBAlife

Get ready to fall in love with Toy Story all over again: the true identity of Andy's mom. And this is a crude video explaining that all Pixar movies exist in the same universe. Mind. Blown. (and blown bigger, if you have nothing else to do today)

I hope me and my daughter are this cool (and crafty).

D and I watch this video frequently, just because it's hilarious (and part of a very interesting larger study). NPR shared it this week to give you a boost when you're thinking, "man, life just isn't fair". Here's to getting the grape and not the cucumber this weekend!

Do any of you shop One Kings Lane? I'm trying to convince D we should buy this. Have you ever seen a more beautiful bed? And as my sister in law pointed out, think of the cost per use!

I am all about dip, especially when I have veggies to go in it. I'll have to try both of these (and I have another coming your way next week).

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