Friday, February 7

link it up

why mess with a good thing?

Hey there! Man I am in a good mood. Spending the weekend down South for work, and planning on getting some sun time in. If you are my friend or family from the North....sorry bout it.

Happiest of happy birthdays to my favorite girl J. Wish you were here (or I was there) to celebrate.

I'm already in Miami this weekend, but if I wasn't, maybe I'd check this out to get my travel on. (No, that's not a joke.)

Really inspired by this woman's photos. I want to blow them all up and hang them in my home. Definitely going to start following her on Instagram.

The journalists in Sochi are having a hard go of it. Then again, they're still going to the Olympics, so suck it up.

My friend G found this for me- could there BE a more perfect card for me to give D this Valentines Day??!

A much catchier, better version of this song. God I love remakes.


how you like dem apples?