Friday, February 14

link it up

How do you all feel about valentine's day? D and I don't really do much. I usually try to make a nice dessert, but he's stuck in upstate NY while I'm snowed in. Might be pizza for dinner tonight. I hope you're able to do something romantic, or not, whatever your heart desires.

Need a twitter bio? Check this.

Can Olivia Pope afford her apartment, much less her killer wardrobe? Heck yes she can. But not all your favorite TV stars are as lucky.

When should you be married? I only have 8 more months. Yikes.

My sister may be onto something. Maybe just don't have kids.

I wish Duke announced our snow day (yay!) like this.

Rachel McAdams auditioning for The Notebook: this article is so good. And I'm totally watching that movie tonight.

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  1. I don't need more reasons to be anti kids, but the numbers don't lie.

    Know which numbers do lie? The ones that say I'm supposed to be married in 1 year, 6 months and 5 days. Better get on eharmony


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