Monday, February 10

cheap eats [honey lime tilapia]

D doesn't get on board with all my healthy eating. A lot of it, but not all. This dinner is great because it's a very easy adjustment to add more fat and calories to his version and keep it lean for me. Then we get to sit down with similar looking dinners, instead of the steak-vs-salad table we've been setting lately.

I also like this one because it involves ingredients we always have- honey (my dad's a weekend-beekeeper), tilapia (hello massive costco freezer bags!), lime (living with the cocktail king, citrus fruits are always around). Round it out with some staples-- olive oil, flour, salt, pepper, and garlic-- and you've got a quick meal. I used this recipe (kinda), and love her addition of blueberry salsa...although I didn't make it. Next time.

Remember, no one likes fish leftovers, so just make what you need in the moment. For D and I, that's usually one fillet for me and 2-3 for him. Once I finish D's fillets, I do mine in the same pan- I skip the flour step, and most but not all of the oil has been used.

Anyone else cook for a family with different dinner agendas? I need some ideas on how to manage it without going crazy.

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