Thursday, February 6

imbibe [gin rosemary citrus]

Three of my favorite flavors come together in a gin, rosemary, and citrus cocktail. I've been making variations of this for two years now, using oranges and grapefruits and honey and sugar and agave. It's such a pretty drink with the contrasting colors.

While most people seem to think this is a summer drink, I really enjoy it in winter. As you can see, I like a good sugared rim. If you opt out of that deliciousness, make sure you up your simple syrup (you can use the same instructions for thyme simple syrup from last week).

Part of the appeal, as I said earlier, is how customizable this drink is. Sometimes I add in a splash of Campari for another flavor layer and, more importantly, for the gorgeous color it gives. I almost always add it when working with grapefruit juice, and lean more towards citrus bitters when using orange or lemon. Be open to testing- heaven forbid you have a few variations to enjoy. Sláinte!

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