Wednesday, February 5

DIY inspo [clipboard]

I love clipboards. They're so efficient and lets-get-to-work looking, although they aren't actually that functional. I feel like they're one school supply that you never really had a reason for and thus never owned, meaning I've been coveting one for over a decade.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and make one as part of my brother/SIL's gift this year. More on that next week, but first, some inspiring ideas from the interwebs.

You know our girl Martha can hook us up with some paper over here:

And a bit more with paper, this time marbled:

Love this DIY version to display photos, lists, you name it:

A beautiful and functional organization option at Design Sponge:

Slap some chalkboard on that baby like so:

And finally, this lovely shot, without a DIY in sight, simply because it's beautiful.

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