Tuesday, February 18

DIY (address plaques)

In my opinion, D and I moved in together pretty quickly (and I don't think you'll get any argument from our parents, ha-ha). We'd been doing our thing for over two years, but we were young. Really it was a financial and convenience decision: at the same time I decided to give up my awful Baltimore to DC commute, one of D's Capitol Hill roommates was leaving. I took the open room, which is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Although it meant leaving my beloved college town and one of my favorite people that exist on the planet, I was able to build a meaningful relationship with two new roommates and get to know a city I can't wait to call home again in the future. Plus, it was the easiest, most simple transition for D and I. Be with the one you love.

Since living together has been such an important element in our relationship, and since we move all the ding dang time, we like to commemorate the places we've been together. First was that glorious row house on the hill, a creaky, leaky, high-ceilinged beauty, complete with fireplaces, crown molding, sloping hard-wood floors, and drafts. Man I loved that place.

Next was our apartment in Rosslyn, with the incredible views, where we met a few more lifelong friends, where I started my current career, where D underwent the trials of B school application and acceptance.

So many memories are tied to the places we live. To commemorate, them, D and I have been collecting address plaques. The first, from DC, is from a giveaway I won on another blog. The second uses the brass letters I found here and a construction-displaced brick from NW DC (I know, I'm terrible, I'm sorry).

Someday I'd like our little collection, which will no doubt grow, to be hung as a gallery wall in a mud room or casual entryway, as a reminder of where we've been together. I haven't decided what to do for our Durham apartment, but I did pick up these vintage numbers while thrifting in Raleigh with D last month. Unfortunately, the street we live on has a longgggg name. Any ideas for me?

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