Wednesday, March 30

DC Digs [curtains]

In one of the weirdest re-purposings I have done, I bought a necklace at Zara and used it to decorate my curtain. It was $3.99 on clearance, and I am a huge sucker for malachite, so I thought, why not? The gold band can be used to tie it back, and the pendant can be a finial.

I used a nail to fix the necklace to the wall, and still haven't decided how to attach the finial...I'm thinking some kind of tacky glue or clay. One of my  favorite hacks was installing a thin strip of velcro between the window molding and the curtain, so no light can peak through the curtain and the window (which would fall directly on my face). 

The best part? The necklace matches the little malachite jewelry box I got at the Brooklyn Flea years ago, which now lives on my nightstand just a few feet away. The post on that is here, and omg it's from 2012. Time flies.

And in case you're wondering where the amazing original sketch of dish soap is from, which of course you are, I got it at the Goodwill in LA for A DOLLAR when D and I were vacationing before he left for B school. Like what person does a study of dish soap and then FRAMES IT and then when they no longer want it, say, "this is just too good to throw out, we should donate it"? My hero, obviously.

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