Friday, March 25

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Home to Boston for the Easter weekend! D is joining me and we have much to celebrate, including his birthday, my brother's new bull mastiff pup (expect photos), and my parents' (33rd!) wedding anniversary. Can't wait for the family to be together, it's been awhile since Christmas. From the archives (ha), I pulled out the Easter recap from 2013 over here, and 2012 over here. I guess 2014 had the briefest of recaps leading into it, and nothin' for 2015 (bad blogger took a year off). I'm hoping to marble eggs this year, so wish me luck!

A short little animated video to put a smile on your face. (I LOVE Oscar-nominated shorts).

All about videos today: the evolution of the American home.

An interview with a Sesame Street producer about their awesome parodies of adult pop culture. Too bad they can't figure out a Breaking Bad one yet (D and I finished the series last weekend).

For all my lovely bakers, cookie science!

Advice for small-space dwellers. I've come back to this post several times because it's just so true. I agree with every one (and D agrees passionately with #7 and #8).

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