Tuesday, March 15

DIY floating desk

Once we decided not to put my "office" in the closet, we knew it would have to be out in the open. So that I wouldn't be staring at a monitor and printer all day every day (particularly on weekends), I wanted to have it in the bedroom. It was time to start brainstorming for a working desk that wouldn't be visually distracting or terribly obtrusive. My first love was an acrylic waterfall desk, like so:

peekaboo acrylic console table

They really disappear in a space, no?

But, for almost $400, I didn't feel I could justify it. I found a few on craigslist of course, but older, lesser quality acrylic can yellow or be deeply scratched, which I wasn't excited about. I found a few glass options, but it always had that green tinge around the edges, and wasn't as crystal clear. No go.

If I couldn't do an acrylic desk, I decided a floating desk was the next best thing, in terms of not distracting from the main purpose of the bedroom: to rest, relax, sleep. I wanted an unobtrusive little shelf in the corner- after all, it only needed to hold a mouse and a keyboard, since we'd decided to float my monitor on the wall (see below- it pulls out so we can watch from bed).

Guess what I had laying around that would make a great desk? A gorgeous piece of vintage marble from the coffee table we sold! But trust me, this thing is super heavy and more than a 1/2 inch thick. It all starts with some serious brackets drilled into studs. From what I recall, each one is supposed to be able to hold almost 100lbs. Here we are trying to get them level. I remember D doing most of this part. See how my desk will have a lovely view out the back window though? Productivity here I come!

Next, adhesive. Yes, that's right, we used heavy-duty glue to attach the piece of marble to steel brackets. Trust me, it's super sturdy- our method was approved of by both my father and the Home Depot guy, so we good.

Decent photos to come- it's up and running (and has been my official desk for months), but I haven't remembered to photograph it yet, so you only have these "project successfully complete" shots. Stay tuned.

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  1. "approved of by both my father and the Home Depot guy, so we good"

    How come I didn't get another shout out for schlepping said antique marble up from Plymouth on a Sunday in Cape season


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