Monday, March 7

cheap eats [Momofuku soy-marinated eggs]

I promise I've been doing more than reading these past few weeks- I'm a bit embarrassed that my only posts have been bibliophile roundups. I've also been spending a ton of time in the kitchen- one of my resolutions for the year was to try one totally new recipe per week, and I've been blowing it out of the water. For me, adventurous cooking comes in waves: usually it starts with an interest in a particular cuisine, and I seek new recipes and buy the ingredients and ride that adventurousness for weeks. I encourage you to get in the mood with me! My first interest of the New Year was Asian-inspired eats.

First up, a famous recipe from a famous restaurant. My favorite food blog, Food52, got the recipe for Momofuku's soy-marinated eggs. Called Ajitsuke Tamago, these are the soft-boiled eggs you find in ramen that totally make the meal.

Don't they look lovely? They're absurdly easy, but you do have to be around the house to make them, since timing is everything. You boil the eggs for a very specific amount of time, then soak them in a soy-based marinade for a very specific amount of time. They last for weeks, cost almost nothing to make, and are fantastic atop any meal of similar flavors. Expect more Asian recipes in the coming weeks, I was on a roll cooking up meals that would benefit from a Momofuku egg on top.

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