Wednesday, December 4

bibliophile [The Supreme's at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat]

Although the title is super annoying, the book is super good.

The Supreme's at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat, by Edward Kelsey Moore

I thought the title was a bit silly, but I had heard such good things that I decided to overlook it. I'm so glad I did- this was a heartwarming tale of friendship with a good mix of drama and humor. Blurb time:

Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat is home away from home for an inseparable Plainview, Indiana, trio.  Dubbed “the Supremes” by high school pals in the tumultuous 1960s, they weather life’s storms together for the next four decades. Through marriage, children, happiness, and the blues, these strong, funny women gather each Sundayat the same table at Earl’s diner for delicious food, juicy gossip, occasional tears, and uproarious banter. With wit and love, style and sublime talent, Edward Kelsey Moore brings together four intertwined love stories, three devoted allies, and two sprightly earthbound spirits in a big-hearted debut novel that embraces the lives of people you will never forget. 

This was a feel-good read for sure. I got a little teary at points, and laughed out loud once or twice, but for the most part I just floated along with the chronological plot and endearing characters. This was better than most books of this genre, because the characters went through defined and appropriate development and they were all, in the end, strong women (nothing I hate more than a weak-willed protagonist). Honestly, this is a great book club pick. Let me know if you pick it up.

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