Thursday, December 5

DIY [christmas tree replacement]

Decorating for the holidays is fun but can be expensive- I get so must-have-it when I see great decor, but it really isn't something to spend big bucks on, since it'll only be used a few months out of the year. That makes it a great candidate for DIY.

My first round of holiday decor DIY is all about finding a replacement for the Christmas tree that is not meant to be this year.

1. Spray paint some branches, or use spray adhesive and cover with glitter. Cheap replacement for flowers/tree and they'll last all season, if not longer. All you need is a vase to hold them!

2. If you have a string of white lights and some thumbtacks, you can make a tree. Great option if, like us, you have no floor space for a Christmas tree.

3. Ok, these next two take up almost as much space as a tree, but if you already own the ladder it's cheaper and WAY less work and up-keep.

4. This one is similar to the ladder. You could use wooden dowels to make the tree form on the cheap. I like this one because you can easily hang ornaments, rather than just lights.


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