Friday, December 13

link it up

There are too, too many awesome things going around, making this a long link up, even after I've moved some of the less time-sensitive ones to next week. I'm in Dallas, enjoying the remnants of an ice storm, but can't wait to get home tomorrow for a relaxing weekend and a dear friend's holiday party. AND, there might even be a rare siting of the nearly extinct D (it's been a hellish month of applications-are-due-for-summer-internships-that-almost-always-dictate-your-first-job along with finals-for-tough-core-classes-with-which-you-have-no-experience. Oh joy!)

Sesame Street disorders. This is so clever that I almost think they're onto something...

Thanks to my friend K for this article on an insanely aggressive and disruptive vision for one of my favorite companies.

A thoughtful response to your child's Christmas List. Laughed out loud (at the Marriott).

The greatest Christmas surprise ever, from an airline I've never even heard of.

What your grocery store says about you. But if my two favorite stores are Trader Joe's and Costco...WHAT'S MY POLITICAL LEANING?

And finally, my personal favorite: The most shared videos of 2013. So many classics. "I just shipped my pants", "hump DAAYEE", and a few I actually hadn't seen yet.

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