Tuesday, December 3

cheap eats [thanksgiving edition]

I planned on sharing our Thanksgiving menu BEFORE the holiday, but late is better than ever, right? Especially when it's this good.

Below are some of our recipes from Thanksgiving. Not shown are the wonderful things that come from my mother's experience/head, including stuffing, mashed potatoes, creamed onions, and gravy, and the things that came from my father's frier, like the turkey(s).

Also made three types of cranberry sauce: a horseradish from Gourmet, a classic cinnamon spice, and a citrus port (my personal fave).

Dijon-Braised Brussels Sprouts, from Smitten Kitchen
(followed recipe but added way more shallots and broiled just before serving. this was killer.)

Bacon Bourbon Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Fried Sage, from How Sweet Eats
(completely eliminated the brown butter, still awesomely delicious)

Cranberry Ribbon Apple Pie, from Bon Appetit
(have made this for the last 5+ thanksgivings. 4 lbs of apples? yes please.)

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, from Martha Stewart (but with a gingersnap crust)
(the ganache was the best part, probably b/c we used low-fat errything for the cheesecake part)

Citrus Pumpkin Pie with Grand Marnier Cream, from Bon Appetit
(yummy but simple pumpkin pie (Grandpa's favorite) and absurdly easy to make)

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