Friday, December 20

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Welcome back to blogging to me, huh? It's been a icky/relaxing/stressful week of recovery, but I'm lucky that my hugely massive face wasn't in too much pain and I'm hoping I'm good to fly this evening. D and I are heading North to be with my family and I can't wait.    

If Buzz from Home Alone had an instagram...(Buzz's girlfriend, woof)

A video worth watching for a good giggle about my favorite holiday movie: 19 questions everyone asks about Love Actually.

Want to try these gorgeous, glamorous finger waves for a holiday party this weekend. The instructions seem very straightforward.

Heard of Catalog Living? It documents the lives of catalog dwellers. "So many chalkboard to-do lists, so little time"!

This foodie tour through "the South's tastiest town" (durham) is interesting for obvious reasons. I'm proud to say that I've tried (and adored) all the places listed here except one...the bar! Bar Lusconi, you are on the short list for a visit in January.

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