Friday, December 6

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I'm having a lovely time in DC and Baltimore this weekend, before Dallas next week. Then I am done-zo with the travel until the holidays, and THAT is a Christmas miracle. I was adding up the numbers for my friend: 8 flights in November, 7 flights in December, no wonder I'm so sick right now. I'm battling a cold that I hope doesn't progress into the's so offensive to me when I get sick, like my body is betraying me despite the absurdly healthy lifestyle I like to think I live. Guess not. Moving on.

That there is a decorated fiddle leaf fig. A Festive Ficus, if you will. I'm not above using Latin classifications for holiday alliterations. This is the end result of my christmas tree replacement post from yesterday. No figgys were harmed in the making of this decor (they're only hanging off the ends, very precariously, I might add).

11 awkward things about email. Accurate and amusing.

I bet you never thought you could get your amazon order delivered in 30 minutes. This creeps me out for some reason.

My friend L and I want to host a party just like this after the holidays.

Pantone's color of the year will be released soon. It's like double Christmas! Here are a few predictions from folks who should know.

The latest issue of Lonny. Bring on the lovely.


how you like dem apples?