Friday, March 14

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Blueline No. 4 Print By Andrea Pramuk, reminds me of my friend J

Houston to Baltimore tonight for a fun reunion weekend with my friends from study abroad. Doesn't hurt that it's St Patty's weekend in Charm City, which is always...memorable. Anything good on your plate this weekend? The best part is probably D coming back from Brazil on Sunday, whoop!

Does social science count in business? I really liked this article, despite my flashback to the phenomenology course I took in college as a philo major. (While exploring this, I stumbled onto this Facebook page for your daily dose of applied humanities.)

I follow a few men's blogs, and it's posts like this (and subsequently this) that make it worth it. Like, THIS is what men's blogs do series posts? I die.

A beautiful (albeit long) story about the power of Disney.

Here's some DIY inspiration for your home from a very manly source.

This blog is over the top (she isn't called the hyperbalist for nothing) but her post on winter had me giggling.

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  1. I may or may not have cried about 5 times reading that Disney article. Absolutely incredible!


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