Tuesday, March 11

craigslist creepin [Houston edition]

Since the only thing I do more than travel for work is stalk craigslist, I thought the time had come to mesh my passions into one. More regions to come, or perhaps I'll take requests if anyone is in need of some thrifty help in their area. For now, here's the hottest shtuff up for grabs in Houston, TX, where I will be this evening.

Houston is tough, because it's enough of a city to know what it's got. The best is when you're in the middle of nowhere and search "mad men" and get all this legitimate mid-century modern goodness from sellers that don't know what they have. Not the case in Houston, but still some goods to be found. I'm only looking at furniture, and maxing out at $500.

1. $100 for a chrome etagere? I'd take it.
2. Library ladders are the bomb, so don't let the price tag scare you ($350, worth it if it's in excellent condition). And ohmygosh he has 5!! And they're 9 feet tall!!
3. This is a really nice looking buffet, and how many are you gonna own? One. So if you love it, $340 bones is nothing. I bet you could bargain too.
4. So duh these chairs need to be reupholstered, but they're authentic and very cute. Been posted a few times so you KNOW you could get 'em for $60.

5. This little guy is cute, and could fit into a tight space. For $20, it's a good piece to experiment on as well.
6. I am not mad at these $120 electric blue velvet chairs, complete with faux bamboo/rattan. Seller is a DIY'er, she'll drop them for less.
7. Folks trying to offload superfluous, new-in-box purchases for their home will always come down. $100 isn't bad for a Restoration Hardware Scone, but they'll go lower for sure.
8. Looks can be deceiving: this is actually almost 6ft long, and looks to be in good condition. D and I have a campaign dresser just like this- if your room can handle the weight/bulk of it, they're amazing. They'll throw in the mirror that attaches to the top as well, a deal for $300 pre-barter.
And don't forget you're in Texas. Actually, I know D wouldn't be surprised if I came home with this (been hunting one down for years...the rug, not the cow).

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