Thursday, March 27

imbibe [organized drinking]

If you're like me, you probably have more drinking-related ideas than you know what to do with. I'm constantly bookmarking recipes for fruit shrubs, asking questions about how to infuse with certain ingredients, snapping pictures of cocktail menus with my iPhone, and spending too much time in front of the wine tasters at Trader Joe's. How will you ever remember, organize, and access all the things you want to try?

D and I have a two ways to manage our overflow of alcohol-related thoughts. He likes to record what he can in Field Notes, awesome little notebooks that are handy, low maintenance, masculine/no-frills in design, and fit into a utilitarian bar theme (see more about these and an awesome leather case here). We use Field Notes mainly for complete cocktail recipes, which is why it stays at the bar.
For everything else, I've found Pinterest to be my bookmarking tool of choice. I use two boards to pull everything together: Cocktail Hour, which has recipes and pretty pictures I want to save, and Booze to Try, which includes boozy related products I want to buy. When I have a friend over, I can whip out Cocktail Hour and see what we have on hand to create. Or, the next time I'm at the Trader Joe's wine wall and can't remember which bottle my friend recommended, I can pull up my Pinterest app and take a look. Keep in mind that you can upload your own photos, so if I see something on the go that I want to try later, I can snap a picture and add my own pin. Plus, I can invite D to pin as well (ha, like he has a Pinterest account) so we can both contribute and access our ideas.

Any tips or tricks for me and D as we continue to educate ourselves on all things drink-y?

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