Friday, March 28

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Fridayyyyyy I love you. I'm not sure yet how D and I will spend this weekend, one of our last free ones before he heads to Atlanta for the summer...not that he's going soon, mind you, just that we have plans up the wazoo. I'm attending my first barre class on Sunday with a friend, and might try out a new recipe with D. One of my resolutions was for us to cook a meal together each week...which we've done exactly zero times. Fail. I've said it 100 times, but I'm pretty sure the 65 degree weather we're in for this weekend is here to stay! What are you up to?

Does your apartment smell of rich mahogany and leather-bound books? If not, better pick up some of these.

Best format of an interview ever. Do they get time to prepare? Because if not, wow, she's so self-aware and on her game. I woulda stalled out 10 times. Love her.

Speaking of great formats, I found this short story (seriously, 5 minute read) to be utterly unique.

If you didn't even mind your bracket being f'ed by Duke's upset because you hate Duke more than you like winning, please read this.

It's admissions week for the college class of 2018! Which means dev officers are both high-fiving and commiserating about all of the legacy kids and their results. Here's how the admissions process works, if you're curious.

Honest pop-up notifications. HA.

BONUS: because this is the funniest, most creative response to a falling birthrate ever. Thanks D for the last minute send.

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