Tuesday, September 29

DC Digs [bath mat shopping]

I'm going to have quite a few posts to write detailing searches and purchases that have happened since we moved, but I'd rather jump right in with what's currently on our mind to start. And what's on my mind is rugs. Specifically, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. Keep in mind kitchen = living area too, so that makes it tough because it has to match the larger room. Since that's more difficult, let's focus on the bathroom first.

We have a pretty old bath mat that I believe is from the Target college line, but it's just a smidge too big and can't lie completely flat. For something so inexpensive, it seems dumb not to fix. I have a few things I'm considering:

Something wood-like, such as the lattice wooden mat from Crate and Barrel:
Something bold but neutral, like this black and white strip rug from Overstock:

Something bold and anything-but-neutral, like this orange Nate Berkus number:
I can see the appeal of all three, and might need to visit one and three in person. Any resources I'm not thinking of?

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