Friday, September 18

returning to my sliver of the interwebs

So I kinda miss blogging. Or, I suppose I miss sharing my life with loved ones in a way that includes pictures. I've been dragging my feet, mostly because I previously put arbitrary rules on my blogging, like having a schedule, posting a certain number of times per week, feeling the need to promote my work, and so on. It would sometimes take HOURS to do a single post, and it was the dumb stuff, like formatting, picture editing, linking things, blah blah blah. This time around I think I'll just share when I have something to say or show. Very no pressure, very personal.

SO. Things I've wanted to post about: our Europe vacation from the spring...

and our new apartment in DC.

I've been meaning to write notes from our incredible vacation this summer- Vienna, Prague, and Budapest- but just haven't gotten around to it. I have gone back and re-read my Copenhagen and Berlin posts several times, to send friends recommendations and just to reminisce (if you'd care to join me, ahem D, see post 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5), so I KNOW it will be worth it when I finally go through our photos, our itineraries, and our brains to piece together the what when and where of our trip. Perhaps this weekend?

And in personal news, D graduated from big bad B school and has relocated to DC as of July 1. I'm following behind as of November 1, but that doesn't mean we haven't already hit the ground running in making our house a home. So many updates coming there, including:

  1. our most epic of personal apartment finding stories
  2. our first big furniture purchase off ebay
  3. DIY desk making
  4. buying a piece of original art (our first of many, I hope)
  5. space, AKA having NONE of it and how we're making it work (600 sq ft, ouch)
  6. the great mirror search, rug search, bed search, coffee table search, dining room table search, etc...
  7. a few pieces of furniture I refinished and sold to afford the items in number 7
  8. shelving 101
Anyway, much to come and looking forward to sharing it and hopefully getting opinions and ideas from y'all. Happy to be back!


how you like dem apples?