Friday, September 25

link it up

FRIDAY. It's my first weekend alone in Durham for weeks. Which does not excite me. If we are friends IRL text me.

Embarrassingly enough, this was like, my favorite part of blogging. Sharing the hilariously awesome or moving or delicious or attractive things other people are doing in the world. Here's to my first link it up!

There's a new bar in town. [SO ACCURATE AND FUNNY]

Speaking of bars, Eater has updated their DC heatmap for the best drinking establishments. If you're planning on visiting us this year (during cherry blossoms, perhaps?) take a look and pick your poison.

I'd like to apologize to my sister's employer. Ever since I sent her this, she has been deeply unproductive.

Love checking in on this tumblr...

...but it's nothing compared to THIS TUMBLR. I need someone to back me up on this. I read a couple (the captions are everything, of course) and after a few I'm laughing out loud. Super giggly. Can't stop. Am I alone? Why is this my exact sense of humor? I think my brain is broken.

Looks like this week was all about alcohol and jokes. You're welcome?

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