Wednesday, September 23

DC Digs [paint choices]

I read somewhere that there are bedrooms to fall asleep in, and bedrooms to wake up in. Isn't that great? I can picture a bedroom to wake up in, with bright white linens and windows thrown open and a lazy morning with coffee and a newspaper. But that's not me, or D. We are night people. Give me snug, give me intimate, give me a book lit by a soft glow with a glass of whiskey any day. Or any night, I should say.

D and I have always been drawn to deep paint colors and dark cozy rooms (check out our last bedroom here). We loved that deep teal, and actually had plenty of that paint left, but I'm moving away from blues and embracing my green side. I was drawn to this room, from Elle Interior Sweden. How good does a dark hunter green look with light wood? It also works well with persimmon and super pale blush and lavender, all colors I'm loving lately.

The bedroom is far from finished- in fact, we've hung nothing but a mirror and curtains- so I'm not going to share the final product, but here's the color along with our new bed.

Painting is always a project that should be tackled when you first move in, IF you have an idea of what you want. If you're the type that's indecisive, want to see how the light is at all times of day, need to get a feel for the place, then go ahead and wait, but it'll be a pain to have to move and protect everything once you've made a decision. Plus you can't do anything else until that foundation has been laid- no hanging shelves or art, for example.

The other room we knew we'd paint is the bathroom. Talk about builders grade boringness in there, as seen below. I'm hating that I even have to show these pictures. I had a gallon of dark gray paint by Martha Stewart that I got for $5 at Home Depot back when I thought it was a good idea to hoard gallons of paint with no use in mind (let's consider that pre-600 sq ft, shall we?)

Well, turns out that dark gray is pretty much is definitely black. No complaints here, I love that look, like this stunner from Schoolhouse Electric.

I gotta say I was a bit shocked when I first that is dark...but I'm very happy with it now. More to come on that room, including adding storage (if you noticed, there is NONE besides under the sink, which is mostly taken up by plumbing).

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