Tuesday, July 29

DIY inspo [architectural lighting]

The String Lights, designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos, are such an architectural and visually stunning lighting concept.

I like to joke with D that I'm a minimalist at heart, because if I had no barriers to amassing the decor I love best, I would only need a few pieces (Eames chair, Robert Abbey lamp, vintage leather chesterfield, etc). These lights are just that: minimalist, but so striking and unique as to replace my need for clutter. 

The designer said, "when I sit on a train, traveling, and I look out of the window, I always see these strings of electricity that connect the pylons. And as we move through at high speed, I see these perfectly parallel string and find myself transfixed by the amazing sense of discipline - how can this be possible? It’s just so beautiful, and so poetic the way they connect the pylons whilst at the same time they divide the landscape. I wanted to translate this this vision and this discipline into an interior environment. They are like linear drawings."

I don't see why one couldn't attach a longer cord to any hanging light to create something similar (that is, until you've saved enough pennies to invest in the real thing). It's so practical, too- I'm always so frustrated with the placement of plugs, but this could make an asset out of something that was once a detractor from your decor.

But the last one looks like a spider.

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