Friday, July 25

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Happy Friday folks. I'm taking it easy in Durham for this one, spending some time with my dear old friend and new roommate M, maybe hitting up the pool and the driving range. Tonight I'm cooking a thai meal with a few friends (my job is making Thai tea and boba, at which I am an expert, so no sweat). Are you running crazy or getting to relax this weekend?

Why  you're not actually poor (and should probably stop saying you are).

I eat out a LOT as a road warrior for work, and this is spot on (the comments section makes it even better).

If you love candles, I highly recommend you check out the selection of my favorite brand, on sale now at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Free shipping both ways! The little sets make great gifts.

This is pretty basic, but would have been helpful to start my education: an introduction to investing.

The most incredible little dancers I've ever seen. How are they moving so fast? Plus they were on Ellen, which gives them my immediate stamp of uber approval.

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