Friday, July 18

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Soooo it's been a busy time. Two full weeks of travel, one quick night in Durham, and then off again for a work trip this past week. I'm finally back with feet firmly planted until August. Looking forward to some time here (particularly sleeping in my own bed, cooking, and catching up with friends). I feel like my time at home was a dream- it was long, to be sure, but so peaceful and lovely. Sigh, summer.

Celebrities that share a face. This is SUPER well done, if not exactly high-brow.

A case for talking to strangers.

Well this could certainly be helpful: 22 hard to kill plants.

I'm not saying I'm going to buy it, I'm just saying I want to: a handy kitchen gadget for under $5.

A website that analyses your Facebook verbiage to predict your personality? This will surely get addicting, once you realize you can search any of your friends, see who is most similar to you, and generally over-analyze. 

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