Wednesday, July 2

craigslist find [couch edition]

The most important thing happening in my life tonight (besides picking up a nice check from my consignment shop, and a lovely Mexican dinner with my girl L, and the fact that I just made 12 popsicles with coconut milk) is that I found a couch. On craigslist, where else?

It's a charcoal tweed-like fabric, which is a great contrasting texture to my silk pillows (West Elm, thanks J&R!) and my fur baby pillows (C. Wonder). Oh and the RH throw from my mama. I know you should get the couch before the easily-altered, vastly-cheaper accessories, but as that wasn't the case here, I'm lucky they all matched. The tufting is nice and tight, and though of course I'd prefer a deep chesterfield diamond tuft, perhaps in cognac leatherbeggars craigslisters can't be choosers.

Buying sofas online can be tricky. It's almost 8ft long, perfect for nap time, but what about the comfort of the sitter? I read in House Beautiful that you want a combined depth and seat height (basically the distance from a person's tush to toes) of 40-44" to sit comfortably (40 if you're short, 44 if you're tall). Thankfully this couch is right in the sweet spot. Of course, to really decide if a couch is comfortable, my expert advice is to sit on it (which is what I did with a friend on Tuesday). If I need to give it a bit more height, it should be easy to build longer legs, which I very well may do down the road.

I was able to haggle to $350 including delivery by two friendly dudes the following night, which was too good to pass up (it's retailing online for $1299, and the ad asked for $700, so they treated me very well).

P.S. Who thinks we should make traught a word to replace the ever-awkward "treated"?  Someone make it happen.

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