Monday, November 24

cheap eats [fall spice]

In classic white girl style, I love all things pumpkin spice. But pumpkin spice, in the broadly used way, rarely has any pumpkin in it- it's more a combination of autumnal spices that one would add to a pumpkin pie. I LOVE fall pie spices- cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, warm and spicy and flavorful.

I've been using this mix of spices daily for my two necessities, green smoothies and coffee. In my early morning stupor I've been going through 6 different jars of spices, eyeballing the measurements and having a generally inconsistent blend, not to mention the time waste twisting off all the individual jars. Thankfully I had the basic brilliant idea to make a pre-mix for quicker, more consistent mornings.

You can buy this pre-made, usually called pumpkin pie spice, or you can make your own tailored to your flavor preference. I left out citrus peel, which probably would be a great addition, because I typically have half a lemon in my smoothies anyway.

M's Fall Spice

3 parts cinnamon
2 parts ginger
2 parts nutmeg (or 1 part nutmeg and 1 part mace)
1 part cardamom
1 part cayenne pepper

If I had allspice and cloves I would have added that, too, but I only have whole pods. I haven't added this to savory dishes yet, but I know nutmeg is used frequently in Indian dishes, so I'm sure this could be great. Let me know if you've made your own spice blend and want to share!

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