Tuesday, November 4

pinned [exposed plumbing]

If there's anything one usually wants to hide when designing a room, I would think it's pesky lamp cords (or you could just do this or this with them) and plumbing. It's suggestive of something private, not necessarily attractive, and easy to hide beneath cabinets and sinks and toilets.

Well, thankfully not everyone followed that rule. Here are some of the more interesting plumbing arrangements I've ever seen.

These first two are both from Hecker Guthrie, which is my new favorite design team, based out of Australia. I found that all of these images (except for the final photo, which I couldn't source, damn you Pinterest) come from public spaces rather than private homes- hotels, restaurants, and the like- and that almost all of them are from international destinations. Perhaps it's a trend that has yet to sweep the US? Get your sculptural plumbing on today and be ahead of the curve (pun intended).

Hecker Guthrie
Hecker Guthrie
The Lafayette House
Adriaan Louw
Jonathan Tuckey
Ard Hoksbergen
VT Wonen
I've just thought of an added benefit: if you expose your piping leading to the shower, you can drape your towel over it while you wash. Nothing like a impromptu heated towel rack! Just don't burn the house down....

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