Friday, November 14

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First week of the new job has been hectic but exciting. I head to California for my first trip on Monday, and the prep work (along with orientation) has kept me from anything fun, like blogging. D and I are spending a weekend in DC with the company he'll be working for come fall. We're programmed to the minute with fun parties opportunities to get to know his future colleagues and learn about the company culture. Look for some instas: while he's in the office, me and the other WAG's significant others have a champagne limo tour of DC.

You've probably been totally stumped regarding what wine to pair with takeout. No more. Speaking of, what your wine and what your beer choice says about you. I love Zin, but I'm not a cheater! Oh, the internet.

The first smart suitcase: weighs itself, can charge your phone, has GPS tracking...what will we think of next?

If you're not aware of how amazing this plant is, educate.

SO worth the watch: D and I are big big Kevin Spacey fans, and this is too good. (D, take some notes on his Christopher Walken, alright?)

I wish more photographers would do this to make art available at affordable prices: Angela is allowing, for a small fee of $15, digital downloads of her print, which I happen to love and will hang in my future kitchen. How sweet (and sour).

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