Monday, September 22

back in the swing of things

Hello! Hope you're off to a lovely fall and have been too busy enjoying yourselves to notice I took a few week hiatus. SO much has been happening personally, professionally, existentially, gastronomically, and socially that I've let for a song slip down my list of priorities.

In truth, one of the reasons I've been posting less is because the interesting things I love to do, and love to post about, aren't happening right now. Creative DIY's, little decor hacks and improvements to my home's functionality, and projects that involve a new skill take more space and time than I have available at the moment. While I appreciate our little apartment, our limited indoor and outdoor square footage (let alone the lack of storage) is just not conducive to big weekend projects that I find most engaging. I think, as a result, I've been apathetic towards posting regularly, because in my opinion, the best content is original DIY's, and I don't have too many of those to share of late.

BUT. I've decided to continue on. I still adore reading and cooking and drinking and traveling and dreaming about interior design, all things I can continue to post about until I have more physical space and opportunity.

Here's a few snapshots of my last month. See you tomorrow, for reals.

last of the summer outdoor concerts at American Tobacco Campus
LDW included a visit to Wrightsville Beach
Back on Loyola's campus for our dear friends' wedding
the MBA's are back (and so are the fun, boozy MBA events)
spent the last official day of summer at the quarry in Eno State Park

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