Thursday, September 4

discover [honey]

Are you an online shopper? Do you like coupons? How about saving money?

It's rhetorical question day, obviously.
I was thrilled a few weeks ago to discover Honey, which combines my affinity for shopping from my couch whilst in pajamas with my sincere appreciation for discounts. Here's the scoop: install Honey as a Chrome extension (much like the "pin it" button from Pinterest, or the Ebates extension, or my much-loved poach-it). It'll look like this, hanging out at the top right hand corner of your browser:

When checking out at Piperlime or Asos or any other online retailer, simply click the icon to see all available discounts- if you want, it'll even apply them for you. I used it at over the weekend. It didn't find any codes that I couldn't dig up in 5 or so minutes of Googling around, but the convenience and time-saved is well worth it.

Oh, and if you're not already using Google Chrome, you're silly. Almost as silly as the four-dude team that came up with an online shopping app and named it honey...oops, my gender stereotypes are showing.

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