Monday, September 29

link it up

I was in Chicago the end of last week and got stranded an extra day because of a fire. So, link up comin' your way today instead. 

If you too need to kill time on the North Shore of Chitown, go check out the Ba'hai temple- there are only 8 in the world, and this one is stunning. I know one person who practices their faith, and find it fascinating- the three main tenants are unity of God (just one fella), unity of religions (there are many paths up the mountain, but they're all pursuing the same thing) and unity of humanity (we are all equal, regardless of race, culture, gender, sexual preference, etc).

How to reheat pizza at home. Spot on.

When D and I want to pick a Netflix movie, it takes me 40 minutes of going back and forth between our queue and Rotten Tomatoes, trying to sort through the masses. Check out A Better Queue to bring the two seamlessly together.

In need of a classic camel blazer? Tried this on over the weekend and can't wait to buy it.

Why I hope to die at 75. I think my dad would agree with this dude. I mean, maybe if you're already 70, but I think as preventative care improves, not to mention smarter health choices being made since childhood, 95 is the new 75.

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