Friday, April 18

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Lourdes Sanchez does some lovely watercolors. Check it here
Just couldn't get motivated to spend time blogging this week- too hectic before heading to BOSTON for the Easter holiday. I'm sippin' on a Mary Lou's right now, about to watch Ellen with mom, then happy hour with friends and dinner with the family. Pretty durn pumped. Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

Really good marketing getting done over here. Total must-watch. And OF COURSE, the semi-trolling polar opposite response (don't check it out until after you watch, it'll ruin the twist).

Some of the jokes I've heard before on SWA, since I fly pretty durn frequently, but I still enjoyed listening to this.

If you need a giggle, some people are reallllly dumb.

A-Z of dance, or, the best dance video ever.

Very interesting to see one of the most famous Brooklyn brownstones in history redone in a completely apposing style. It'd be hard to mess with those bones.

If you're a gladiator, you may enjoy this and this. Oh and this. (why is she everywhere for me this week??) OH and buy her wine glasses here. I'm done.

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