Friday, April 25

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Light posting around here after a difficult week(s). Got home last night after 11 days straight on the road, and heading to Dallas tomorrow. If you missed your weekend reading, it's below.

Powdered alcohol. It's a thing. Palcohol is sweeping the nation, allowing the poor and under-aged to drink more discreetly on cruises, at sporting events or concerts, and on long car rides with your parents. The days of water-bottles-under-the-boobs are done. **UPDATE! The FDA has removed their approval. Save your Dasani's.

As you've noticed, flight/travel humor is a favorite of mine. As such, I enjoyed these.

The answer: YES YES YES YES YES!!??#3W498#$dfj(# :))))

(The question: do women undermine themselves with their use of punctuation? HUGE thing for me in professional emails. I'd rather you think I'm cold with my lack of exclamation points than think I'm over-eager, unprofessional, unsophisticated, informal/disrespectful, or the host of other things I think inappropriate use of punctuation communicates).

I would make this my new workout in a SECOND. If only I lived in NYC.

These are hilarious and I wish there were more: ten shoes and what they're trying to say.

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