Friday, April 11

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grilled fruit bruschetta. I'd do it.
Happy weekend everyone. We're looking at 70's (or 80's!) and sunny here, so grilling is a must. I LOVE grilled peaches and pineapple, any type of seafood, ONIONS, and kabob everything. My healthier side is all about these grilled salads, my less-healthier side is all about these grilled desserts.

I deeply enjoyed reading this: art is a waste of time. Despite the sensationalist title/description, it's actually well-written and includes one of the most tolerant and curious comment sections I've ever seen. Read it (thanks K).

Like Airbnb? Then you'll love Airpnp. Not joking.

D and I listened to this together a week or two ago, and I think got a lot out of it. Habit and routine can be very strong.

THERE'S A NEW VITAMIX IN TOWN everybody freak out.

AHHHH KELLY CLARKSON! A funny (to me anyway) video in support of testicular cancer. D, watch this, no doubt you'll be cringing.

Oooh...I really like this art series. Called Oooh. I want to play with them. They make me think of this.

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