Tuesday, April 3

DIY [ombre wall art]

The talent of this post belongs to my lovely roommate K. When we decided to have craft night on Friday (which consisted of me stalking Michael's for new embossing tools), she was hoping to create some wall art for her room. She wanted it to be big and bold but also affordable.

I don't have any of her inspiration images, but she saw a wall art DIY with the quote, "Be still and know that I am God". Great reminder, no? She chose out 5 blue acrylic paints (though you could stick to one or two mixed with white for the gradient if you prefer). She used gorilla glue to attach 4" wooden letters to canvases, all from Michael's. She let it dry overnight, then painted an ombre effect over everything.

I think the end result is fantastic- bright, bold, inspirational, inexpensive, and BIG! If you need to fill a wall, like K did, a trifecta of canvases is one option- depending on how you space them, you can cover a large space.

Thanks for letting me use you for a blog post K (this is also the roommate who got me one of these). Isn't she awesome? She doesn't have a blog or anything, so if you have fallen in love with her you'll just have to follow my blog and pray I post more tidbits for you to enjoy. I love being in control.


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