Friday, April 8

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Currently on a family weekend THREEPEAT! Easter in Boston, then my sister visited us in DC (a post to come on the Renwick Gallery, which was incredible), and now a weekend with my brother and sis in law in NY. Hope you're having a great one!

I guess in China I'd be a "leftover woman", but that's a good thing. Very moving (short) video on the issue.

They nailed me, but within a huge range: can we guess your age and income based on the apps on your phone? (Don't worry, you answer in quiz format)

I get frustrated discussing the gender wage gap: while it obviously exists, the argument is undermined when we continue to site faulty data. Women making $.77 on the dollar compared to men only applies when you don't isolate for experience, education level, job title, industry, location, and so on. That's like comparing my little sister to my father. This article is one of the best I've seen, and leaves a valid argument for the remaining wage gap (falling from 24% to just over 5%) that can only be explained by gender bias/discrimination. Worth noting, as they do, that other factors (like that education level or job title) could have been influenced by gender stereotypes as well, like women being discouraged from some of the highest paying industries (STEM, anyone?) or not taking leadership roles because they are lead parent. What do you think?

Would you do this in a new home? I think I totally will, and force people to sign it. Could be a very sweet housewarming gift, too.

A little intimidated by this list of 50 documentaries you need to see, but it's a genre I want to get more into. Any recommendations to start us off? I've probably seen 4 total, so any ideas are welcome.


  1. This guest book thing sounds like a lot of pressure to be sentimental and clever in a sentence or two, something I've always struggled at. Maybe if you make me sign it I'll just put favorite Harry Potter quotes in for each of my visits. Deal?

  2. Also, the only one of those documentaries I've seen is Blackfish. Sea World sucks!


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