Wednesday, April 20

cheap eats [smashed potatoes]

So easy it's barely a recipe, but these smashed potatoes are delicious. I've gotten back into potatoes as a replacement for all the more filling things I couldn't eat last month (bread, pasta, grains, etc). Sweet potatoes are my favorite, but I love making smashed potatoes of those tiny ones that come in the mesh bag.

I use recipes from Martha and the Pioneer Woman to get an outline. First, boil your fingerling potatoes until tender, about 8 minutes. DON'T OVERCOOK THEM! If they're too mushy, they won't stay together when you smash them. Lay the potatoes out on parchment-lined tray, and smash with the bottom of a glass, a muddler, a potato masher, whatever you have on hand. Then drizzle with olive oil, add spices of your choosing, and bake until crispy.

I've made them up to the smashed step, but pre-baking, and frozen them. Now I heat up a few under the broiler like you would frozen french fries, straight from the freezer into the oven. I highly recommend!

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