Monday, February 8

DC Digs [hallway]

After giving you all that lovely hallway inspo, I forgot to share what ours looks like. Note: it is incredibly difficult to photograph (tiny, dark) hallways. With that disclaimer, here is our hallway shot from the bedroom into the main room.

Ugh lighting! But as you can see, we went for a simple hanging of 3 prints. A little anti-climactic after my inspiration images, no? But D really didn't want the visual clutter, since it is a pretty tiny hallway (I believe 8ft). We also wanted to use what frames/art we had on hand, since we had DRASTICALLY more than we needed after the massive gallery wall we did at 907- unfortunately the only photo I can find of that at the moment is when we were moving out, but here ya go:

Even looking at that chaos is giving me breathing issues. Moving on. You can see that two of the prints above were re-framed in simple black frames (Ikea), and the print on the left was just rehung in the hallway. We bought a special piece of art earlier this year (upcoming post), so our art/framing budget has been used. It's nice to know that refreshing a frame or a location can make old art feel new again.

It helps that we still love the prints, from 20x200. Using a Groupon, I bought the Portugal beach scene by Christian Chaize, and D bought the descent of Apollo 17 spacecraft into the Pacific Ocean. I hate this phrase but don't have a better one: I love how they talk to each other. Interesting use of blank space, umbrella vs parachute shape, stark black and white vs colorful scene, but both focusing on the ocean. A happy accident. The print on the right I printed in a photography class I took in college, and is of my hometown harbor (Scituate!). Again, the ocean from a different perspective.

We hung a TON of art lately, so more to come on the rest of the house!

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