Thursday, February 11

bibliophile [catch up 1]

So even though I stopped blogging, I certainly didn't stop reading. I'm going to do a briefer roundup of the novels I devoured in the off time, 3 at a time until I catch up.

Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel. Post-apocalyptic but more for adults than the trilogies of the last few years. A good novel- the fact that it's after a huge disaster is almost secondary to the characters. Unusual connectivity between the characters spanning different generations. I haven't read the rest of them- apparently it's the start of a series.

All the Light We Cannot SeeAnthony Doerr. A must read, Pulitzer prize-winning novel set in WWII. As good as everyone says it is. Go get it.

The Paying Guests, by Sarah Waters. Enjoyed, some parts dragged, interesting look at non-traditional relationships post WWI. OK it's a novel about 20th century lesbians.

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  1. I've had All the Light We Cannot See on hold at the library for a few weeks. Real excited to read it! (I almost chose it as my family book club pick so I'm glad I changed my mind as you've already read it.)


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