Friday, November 13

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Friday at last. I have some very dear friends coming to town who are terrible at keeping in touch (like, the worst) and I can't WAIT to catch up for days. Our only set plans include eating and drinking and snuggling, just the way we like it. Hope you have a fun one ahead!

This is an incredible post- more the trip than the packing trips, but really all of it. Honeymoon goals?

Domino's MASSIVE gift guide, if you're thinking ahead.

Particularly for my sister, or anyone looking to get in the holiday spirit early...check this out. So great for when you're traveling!

In the same vein...Christmas tree alternatives for those with a small space. Good thing I bought one of these on super-sale last January.

I had some homemade almond butter sitting around that needed to get used, so I made cookie dough (using this recipe) and froze it (using this method). Who wants to come over for a snack?

Hoping to get a post together for next week about another quick reupholstery project I did before leaving Durham. In California all weekend, so we shall see.

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