Friday, October 30

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It's Fri-yay!

We have a good friend from college getting married this weekend in Cape May, and I'm thrilled for them (and for me, since so many people we adore will be there). It's our last wedding of the season and my first weekend as a non-Durham resident. HELLO DC. Some thoughts on goodbye to Durham next week.

In case you'll be imbibing this weekend and want some literature to go along with your booze, here's the origin of some popular cocktail names.

I found this article to be heartbreaking, which I don' t think was the intent. I'm a realist in almost all ways, but doesn't your affection for loved ones supersede your initial affection? I'd leave that guy real quick....

Terry Gross is such an exceptional interviewer- I liked this interview of her for a change. Follow the Fresh Air podcast if you miss it on NPR!

To go along with my have kids/don't have kids article from last week, I present this.

Um this is incredible. I'm not a huge fan of her or her music...until she's doing incredible impressions.

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