Thursday, October 15

DIY [reupholstered chair]

There are few things I like more than scooping up a piece of furniture or decor that has great bones, giving it a little love, and then selling it to a loving home and financing my next craigslist find or thrift store haul. Some day, this will be my full-time occupation...even if it's not until retirement.

I found this great old piece at our local Salvation Army for $10. It was super sturdy and heavy, but of course looks like an office chair with that fuzzy thick blue upholstery. I hate the blonde wood, too, but that ended up staying when I ran out of time (and ventilated space) to sand it down and re-stain.

I stripped that baby down to bare bones. The foam was in excellent condition- I swear, that blue office fabric is like a coat of armor, nothing is getting through it. I reupholstered in this pretty blue and cream linen, ordered it years ago from Jo-Ann Fabrics because I'm a hoarder.

I love how it came out- D even said we should keep it (although our new square footage convinced us not to). I sold it to a sweet couple for $180, and put all that money towards our new marble coffee table. The best home purchases are the ones financed by other home purchases that we have improved. It's like furniture-flipping.

The back is my favorite part. Cool bones, right? If this was a darker wood I'm not sure I would have let it go.

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