Thursday, October 29

DC Digs [the mirror]

Now to show you our find. Isn't she a beaut?

Please ignore the rest of the mantle set up- we haven't decided how to style it yet.

I was skeptical about veering off from my rectangular preference, but after 4 months of looking at hundreds of mirrors, it was about time to pull the trigger. We had to drive almost to Baltimore to pick it up, but the seller brought the price down from $125 to $100 when he learned we were trekking it up to him, and took off another $20 in-person. Besides, we used the drive to jointly catch up with my sister (shout out bills!) and check out the fall foliage along 295, which was incredible.

I'm currently accepting (slash begging for) suggestions for how to hang it. We were all about the lean, but the decor on the bottom isn't in perfect shape (as you can see in the picture) and it's small enough that we would like to center it further up the wall. The brick behind is painted. We're renters, so we aren't super interested in drilling into the brick, but if it's easily patch-able (at least visually) I'd be game. Our Home Depot consultant recommended some heavy duty double sided tape, but we would need to use 60 inches to reach the weight requirement, which was definitely not going to work. Command strip hooks were also suggested, but again, most of those max out at 5lbs. Give me ideas please??

Here is something similar, albeit a bit more expensive and white. Then again, it won't have any dings or cracks. I for one think those add character, but others (ahem, D,) do not.

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