Friday, October 24

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Friends! The weekend is here again. D and I had so much fun in Asheville (post coming) that we stayed Sunday until quite late, and I flew off on my last trip of my current job early Monday morning. Happy to be hanging in this weekend- we have a visit from D's brother (which means good conversation and meals to come!), a trip to the NC State Fair, and a little pre-season Duke Basketball.

These very honest slogans cracked me up.

This one is for you, dad, and in honor of some of your soundest advice. I would add on your reasoning (shows respect for others, especially for where you are going) and highlight this excellent thought: "just because we may be anonymous doesn't mean we are invisible".

Experience the power of a bookbook. I love Ikea.

Toasting as a universal language: "the most obvious way to break the ice (and then pour booze all over it.)"

If I (or my machine?) created something this lovely, I would not be eating it. D, check this out.

Not to share all my secrets, but apparently there are some new tips to booking the cheapest airfare.

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