Friday, August 15

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On my way to ATL today, then straight on to Houston. I've avoided it all summer and hope I won't melt in Texan August. Anyone up to something awesome?

How good does this frozen custard place look? It's on my itinerary for Atlanta this weekend (along with drinks at Paper Planes, a dinner at Canoe, and touring CNN and the Coke Museum. If there's time, I'm trying to get to SweetWater and climb Stone Mountain too- busy weekend for me).

Stephen King's 10 favorite books. I've had a deep affinity for him ever since his public statement of JK Rowling-adoration and Twilight series-shaming. I've only read three of these so far.

Sad, sad news about Robin Williams. Aladdin and Hook are both in my top-ten favorite movies of all time, and Mrs. Doubtfire can't be too far behind. I liked this article about his most memorable food moments (invisible food-fight, anyone?)

How cool is this: professional photo editing for $5 a picture, less if you upload a bunch. This isn't just airbrushing- they can add in missing family members to a portrait, cut out your ex, remove awkward street signs or passerbys, and so on. I might use this in the future for a head shot or beloved family photo that could use some work.

Totally realistic captions for your alcoholic beverages...too good.

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