Friday, August 1

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Guess who comes to town today....D! Well, he thinks he comes today, but if I know anything about Friday traffic, I predict he'll be here at 1 am tomorrow, technically. We're in for a stormy weekend (drats, I was hoping to get some sun before K's wedding next weekend), but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless...movies and wine instead of pools and beers, perhaps?

Planning to open a hipster bar? Make sure you have your checklist on hand (laughing).

As someone who dislikes babies (there I said it), I have NO problem with this. (I don't dislike babies, I just dislike babies in inappropriate settings or inconsiderate parents. Plus it's awkward when they visit work and you just stare at them bc they can't do anything yet but squirm and cry but you're obligated to hover over them for prolonged periods of time and talk about how they're ohmygodsocute even though they look like potatoes)

This kitchen gadget has changed what I eat. Find it for $5 less on Amazon (but the images are better here) and see my creation here.

Ever loved a positive trait in a friend of significant other, only to discover later on that the negative side of said trait is unbearable? Where the ambition you love produces a workaholic, or a decisive and confident partner becomes domineering? It's called a "fatal attraction", and this article gets into it. Thank you D for the contribution, even though I'm positively sure I have no such negative traits.

I love Trader Joe's cilantro lime dressing, and like a homemade version even better. I'll share more details later, but I loosely followed this recipe to make a dressing last night and it was great. Poured it over a salad made from that kitchen tool above and it was a healthy and tasty dinner.


  1. Thanks for the link to the cilantro lime dressing! I made it as a dip with fried plantains and it was a hit with my guests!

  2. No negative, I'll have to think on that one.

    Also, did you take that picture? It's gorgeous


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